Barbarian vs Orcs

1:06 AM

Another Frank frazetta inspired piece... :D
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Black Adam ink was test

1:31 AM

Can't focus on another page I am drawing, I diverted to testing my skill in ink wash and my mentor and friend Heubert Khan Michael and buddy Aaron Felizmenio thought this one is worth posting. Hope it is...
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The Hawks

12:36 AM

Hawkman and Hawkgirl All characters (TM) DC Comics
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Barbarian and Amazon

5:49 PM

Conan and Red Sonja pinup fanart inspired by Frank Frazetta.
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Morpheus from Neil Gaiman's The Sandman

10:49 AM
Main character of one of my favourite graphic novels.
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Green Lantern vs The Walking Dead

6:06 PM

Inspired by Blackest Night and Walking Dead series.
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Hulk vs Superman sequential samples

6:35 PM

Hulk (TM) Marvel Comics
Superman (TM) DC Comics
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Gambit doodle

11:52 PM
Done during Cosplay Mania X, Philippines.
Edited the right leg a bit. :D

Gambit (TM) Marvel Comics
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Punisher Page 1

4:14 AM

Punisher (TM) Marvel Comics
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Woverine sketch cover

2:35 AM
Wolverine (TM) Marvel Comics
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New Avengers blank sketch cover

2:55 AM

New Avengers (TM) Marvel Comics
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Hawkman and Aquaman

5:12 AM

Hawkman and Aquaman (TM) DC Comics
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The Flash

1:04 AM
The Flash

TM DC Comics
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Martian Manhunter

2:18 AM

Martian Manhunter (TM) DC Comics
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Captain Barbell

2:12 AM

Mars Ravelo's infamous superhero.

Captain Barbell (TM) Mars Ravelo
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Green Lantern

12:34 AM

"In brightest day, in blackest night,
No evil shall escape my sight
Let those who worship evil's might,
Beware my power... Green Lantern's light!"

Green Lantern (TM) DC Comics
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Luthor is a dead meat!

2:37 AM

Superman and Luthor.

Superman, Luthor (TM) DC Comics
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Wonder Woman

8:45 PM
Wonder Woman

TM DC Comics
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The Batman

3:47 AM
Batman pinup for fun. :D

Batman TM DC Comics
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Punisher page 1

11:23 PM

Page 1 of the Punisher trial pages. Punisher TM Marvel
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Daredevil pinup

1:42 AM

Daredevil pinup
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Daredevil Layout

3:35 PM
This piece took me time to figure out how am I going to place the elements on the layout and thought I've done it right. :)
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Punisher Pinup (edited)

6:43 PM

After doing few layouts and corrections, I think a made a quite nice job to this one.

EDIT: Forgot to put the nostrils of the skull, thanks to Stephen Segovia for the heads up. :D
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Punisher Layout #2 final

3:02 AM

Final layout for Punisher pinup.
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Punisher Layout #2

2:32 AM
2nd layout for Punisher pinup. I think this one is better than the first but still have to tilt the subject and make it more dynamic before pencilling it to 11x17 artboard.
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The Heroic Age - New Avengers sketch cover 2

12:58 AM

Marvel's The Heroic Age - New Avengers 2nd sketch cover.
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Punisher Layout #1

3:50 PM

Layout for Punisher pinup. One of the few layouts that I am going to do and will choose the best to be pencilled in 11x17 artboard.
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The Heroic Age - New Avengers #1 sketch cover

8:33 AM
The Thing .

(TM) Marvel

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Fantastic Four Pinup

3:50 AM
Fantastic Four

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The Metro Comics Convention's Indie Go! Valley is NOW OPEN!!!

11:08 PM

Indie Creators, rejoice!

The 2nd Metro Comic-Con proudly brings back the INDIE GO! Valley! Since MCC strongly supports the independent comic book artists, MCC continues what would become a tradition in the future (which other conventions have tried to copy after the 1st MCC): FREE booth spaces with NO royalties or whatsoever! You’ve seen it before, so it’s not hard to believe. Now read on and be guided accordingly by our REVISED GUIDELINES, and be among the 25 lucky indie registrants to make it to another historical event in the making.

The 2nd Metro Comic-Con

August 21 and 22, 2010

NEW Indie Go! Valley Guidelines

1. INDIE GO! VALLEY is METRO COMIC-CON’s official venue for INDIE CREATORS and their Comicbook Creations. It will be MCC’s centerstage for those who could be THE NEXT BIG NAME in the comic book industry, here and even abroad.

2. Indie Go! Valley can accommodate a total of 25 Artists in all. In case of Indie Title/s produced by a group of artists, the group shall only be allowed to have ONE REPRESENTATIVE to do the selling of the title/s. This will be STRICTLY ENFORCED, so as to give a chance to more Indie Creators, be it Individual or Group, to sell their indies.

3. This year, Indie Go! Valley Registrants will be required to purchase the 2-day entrance fee worth PhP 200 in advance (to be paid upon registration. PLEASE NOTE THAT THE BOOTHS ARE FREE -- BUT INDIE CREATORS SHOULD AVAIL OF THE ADMISSION TICKETS). This aims to give more push to the Indie Creators to RESPONSIBLY AND ACTIVELY PARTICIPATE IN THE EVENT FOR 2 DAYS. Some successful registrants did not attend last year’s event, wasting slots that could’ve been given to other Indie Creators that didn’t make it on time.

NO FEES/SALES COMMISSIONS are to be COLLECTED after the 2-Day event.

Registration will still be on a FIRST COME-FIRST SERVED BASIS, therefore only the FIRST 25 Creators (as an Individual or a group) to send complete requirements (including the payment for the advance tickets –- payment details to be discussed later) will be accommodated.

4. THERE ARE NO LIMITS AS TO THE NUMBER OF COPIES YOU WILL BE ALLOWED TO SELL. Metro Comic-Con is a 2-day event, and the organizers leave it to the Indie Creators’ judgment the number of copies they think would be enough to sell within 2 days. However, the indie creators shall be required to DECLARE THE SPECIFIC TITLES/ISSUE NUMBERS/INDIE-RELATED ITEMS they will be selling.

5. Participants shall be allowed to sell ONLY THE ITEMS THEY HAVE DECLARED. THE ORGANIZERS HAVE THE RIGHT TO CONFISCATE items that were not declared but are being sold at the event.

6. The Indie Creators are expected to keep their materials READER-FRIENDLY. Comics with MATURE-THEMED STORIES are expected to have contents that would NOT go beyond artistic nudity and minimal cursing.


8. Participants are expected to be CONSIDERATE of other participants. YOU NEED NOT DISPLAY ALLYOUR ITEMS AT THE SAME TIME. This also holds true to those who plan to bring LARGE STANDEES/TARPAULINES. See to it that using the display won’t render the Indie Creators next to you NON-EXISTENT. Use your space wisely and considerably.

9. The use of electronic gadgets that would require electrical sockets and additional space such as LCD projectors, CD players, Mini-Component, is prohibited. The use of LAPTOPS/NOTEBOOKS is okay, granted that it will run on its own batteries and would not eat up other creators’ spaces.

10. Participants are expected to be at the venue at least 1 HOUR BEFORE THE EVENT STARTS, each day for 2 days. This is to make sure that everyone’s prepared before the entrance gate opens. Participants are also expected to clean up their places before leaving, after the event.

11. You’ve already read everything, now FILL OUT the REGISTRATION FORM. Once completed, email the filled-out registration form to , subjected as “MCC 2010 Indie Registration”. Please attach to your email along with the Registration Form DIGITAL COPIES OF THE COVERS OF YOUR INDIE/S in JPEG format, maximum of 100 dpi. FAILURE TO COMPLY WITH THE SAID REQUIREMENTS WOULD NOT GET YOU REGISTERED.

The MCC Team shall email you back with a confirmation of your email, along with the bank account number where you would be asked to deposit the PhP200 fee for the advanced tickets. Indie Creators will be given 2 working days to deposit the fee and to email us the payment details. A SLOT SHALL ONLY BE AWARDED TO THE REGISTRANT SOON AFTER THE COMPLETION OF THE PAYMENT. A list of successful registrants will regularly be updated and posted on the website and the MCC DeviantArt account.

12. The successful registrants shall be required to drop by the event venue during the ingress period to claim their advanced tickets. Please stay tuned for more details and schedule info!

Please click this link to get the downloadable registration form:

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8:12 PM
Thor quick sketch on Marvel's Secret Invasion blank cover variant.

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A tragic loss to our family

9:48 PM
Having a vacation plus book signing in Cebu but I'm not completely enjoying the moments because my lola has just passed away. I received 3 texts at 6:00 in the morning yesterday while we were in the airport and it came from my 2 sisters and my father. I was shocked that I don't even know what to react. I was seeing my friends laughing and having fun and I also smiled at them but deep inside I want to fly to Iloilo, see my lola, hug and kiss her for the last time but I can't. I don't have enough money for a plane ticket to attend her burial in our hometown in Lemery, Iloilo on Monday and I also have deadlines to finish.

If my lola Aurea can still here me, I would like to tell her that I love her so much and I thank her with all my heart to all the love that she has showered upon her grandchildren. Thank you for feeding me when I was a kid, for washing my clothes, for giving me baon, for kissing me, for sleeping beside me, for telling me that she loved me, for all the things that she did for me, I CAN'T THANK HER ENOUGH. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH LOLA, even if you appear in front of me right now I won't be afraid to hug you tightly and say that I LOVE AND THANK YOU SO MUCH. Wherever you are, I pray to God that you'll find peace.

God bless your soul lola. Our love will always be with you until we see you again.

Jann and Family
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6:41 PM

Attention, comic book fans in Cebu!

In light of the successful release and warm welcome of the art book RENAISSANCE: ANG MULING PAGSILANG, Anvil Publishing and National Bookstore are bringing your favorite comic book artists to Cebu! Meet and greet some of the comic book industry’s top talents as they sign and sketch for you at National Book Store Ayala Mall in Cebu City on May 22, 2010 from 3 PM to 5 PM.

The artists will be rendering sketches and illustrations for all buyers of Renaissance.
They are Carlo Pagulayan, Max-C Cubacub, Stephen Segovia, Harvey Tolibao, Ruben Nacion, Ernest Jocson, Jann Galino, Ernest Hernandez, Danny Acuna, Mark Torres, Heubert Michael, Jason Paz, and Ariel Padilla. RENAISSANCE: ANG MULING PAGSILANG, a benefit book also features the fantastic art of Gerry Alanguilan, Leinil Francis Yu, Philip Tan and Whilce Portacio. All money raised goes to the victims of Typhoons Ondoy and Pepeng, including our artists-in-need.

Renaissance: Ang Muling Pagsilang is brought to you by Anvil Publishing, Inc and is now available at all bookstores nationwide.
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Lon Chaney trial pages

10:23 PM
First seven (7) pages of the project I am currently working with (these are just trial pages).

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God of Thunder

11:47 PM
Finished a pinup drawing for my friend a while ago and thought of posting it here after putting it to different sites. Here it is guys.

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The Dreamkeeper, I am.

3:32 AM

I haven't posted any blogs telling about me for a while and I think it's time for you guys to be updated.

Two weeks ago I resigned from my office job after deciding to focus on my long time passion, draw comics. That was two days before Holy Week. I became resident artist of my friend who just put up an art studio. I then started to build our website and made samples for prospected international clients. That was the busiest and luckiest Holy Week of my life, so far, since I am fortunate enough to be blessed for an offering to tryout for one of a known international comics publications and a got a project for a known indie publication in Canada.

I am also thankful to be included to the book RENAISSANCE: Ang Muling Pagsilang (Facebook page), a charity book for Ondoy and Pepeng typhoon victims which became one of the National Bookstore's Top Sellers (#7, so far). I was so happy seeing my drawing inside a book full of Filipino local and international SUPERSTARS and that includes, Carlo Pagulayan, Philip Tan, Whilce Portacio, Gerry Alanguilan, my idol Leinil Francis Yu and many more! The original arts in the book are now being auctioned (

I never thought I'd go this far after I left my teaching profession in John B. Lacson Foundation Maritime University. God really answers my prayers. After years of sufferings, problems, traumas, heartaches and depressions, He gave me more than I ever wanted. I am also thankful to my family whose supports me a lot and also to Ivy, my love, my treasure, thank you so much hon. I love you so much! I want to thank also my friend Mr. Danny Acuna, who is main the reason to where I am today, thank you also to sirs Rico Rival, Ernie Patricio, Jun Lofamia, Orvy Jundis, Clem Rivera. My Sketch Pad Studios friends Ernest Hernandez, Heubert Khan Michael, Ruben Nacion, thank so much you guys! To my former boss Mr. Rod Rodriguez, sir, maraming salamat po sa lahat. :)

I know there are showers of blessings for me ahead and prepared or not, I should be very happy! Welcome dream! You are now in my reality!

PS: We will be at the UP SUMMER KOMIKON today, see you guys!
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The digital touch of Jann Galino

10:46 PM
By Kathy M. Villalon

Jann Galino is one of TESDA’s first scholars in animation (Dimbox Animators) at the West Visayas College of Science and Technology several years ago. His group made the first animation piece in Iloilo, entitled “The Legend of Tibud.”

He is a graduate of Information Technology Management who later on worked as a computer technician, network administrator and PC Support personnel in different government and international companies. After that, he taught in a maritime university for four years and eight months. He taught computer courses including graphics designs and animation. “But my passion in visual arts never left me, then I decided to leave the university to pursue my career in visual arts,” he said.


Thank you ma'am Kathy!

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12:41 PM


10:00am 12:00am
Ribbon Cutting
Press Conference/Book Launching (Stage Area)

12:00pm 1:00pm
Band Performance "Insanara"
Registration for Costrip (c/o
Registration for Poster Making and Character Design contest (Secretariat)

1:00pm 2:00pm
Program Start (c/o Creativoices)
Start of Poster Making and Character Design contest (Designated Area)

2:00pm 3:00pm
Band Performance "Marry Me Amy"
Poster Making and Character Making Contest (Ongoing)

3:00pm 4:00pm

Panel Discussion "The Veterans of the Comic Book and Animation Industry" (Stage Area)
Poster Making and Character Making Contest (Ongoing)

4:00pm 5:00pm
Panel Discussion "What's Hot" (Stage Area) with Elbert Or, Budjette Tan and Rod Espinosa
Poster Making and Character Making Contest (Last Hour)

5:00pm 6:00pm
Jack TV segment
Judging of Poster Making and Character Design contest

6:00pm 7:00pm
Awarding of Contest winners

7:00pm 8:00pm
Band Performance "Gupit Binata X"

For over six decades, Filipino Artists have been making jaws drop around the world, by creating and enhancing popular art thruout the world with a diverse yet distinct Pinoy visual style.

Many of our local talents have influenced the way local Komiks and international Comicbooks are drawn for over sixty years, and are now being given credit for breathing life into many unforgettable characters not only in comics, but in animation and gaming and films. In fact many have become Pop Icons for their role in the creation of many of today's popular media. Name a popular movie, animation, comicbook, or game and you will most likely find Pinoys proudly lending their artistic talents to these efforts.

To be able to see many of these Influential Great Pinoy Artists of yesterday, today, and tomorrow – come together in one room for a historical charitable event – would have maybe remained a dream. But sometimes, and usually when we least expect it...


Get ready – the Renaissance is upon us!
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