KOMIKON 2008 Video

8:45 AM
Below is the short video I have taken from Komikon 08. Please click to watch it.

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Komikon Pics

9:25 AM
Hi guys! If you want to see the pictures I took from the previous KOMIKON '08, click the image below! Have fun!

Me and the man Harvey Tolibao (Avengers Initiative, StarWars, Marvel Civil Wars, GlassHouse Graphics)

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KOMIKON 08, Here we come!

11:46 AM
See you at UP Diliman tomorrow guys!
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KOMIKON 2008 Updated Floor Plan

10:36 AM
Hello there! If you are going to the Komikon 2008 this Saturday, I posted here the updated floor plan for the said event. I got this from the Komikon Blogsite (http://komikon.blogspot.com/). Click the image below for larger view.

And also, here is the week long schedule for comic related seminars, if you would like to attend.

For futher info about the event's guests artists, exhibitors, partners, contests, etc., you can visit the Komikon site at http://komikon.blogspot.com/. See you there this Saturday guys!!!

Watch out for our graphic novel MAHARLICA: BAYAN NG AGIMAT coming this 2009! Teasers will be available on our booths this Saturday. Pre-order now! You can contact us at 0905-4452165 or call us at 750-5432 or email us at cindo.studios@yahoo.com.

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MAJARLICA: Bayan ng Agimat

1:29 PM
Cover 1

KOMIKON 2008 here we come!

November 22 is the scheduled date for the Philippines annual Comics Convention at UP Diliman and we are proud to announce that it would also be the day we will be showing the teaser of our ongoing project, the MAJARLICA: BAYAN NG AGIMAT which Mr. Danny Acuña and I collaborated. Sir Danny did the story and linearts and I made the digital paints (colours).

Cover 2

I still can’t put the synopsis of the story here, maybe next time. Take a sneak peak on our upcoming graphic novel! Coming this January 2009!

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The Ultimates Vol. 3 Collection

11:29 AM
My The Ultimates 3 Complete 5-series-collection

Last September I have completed this year’s Marvel comic series: The Ultimates [Vol.] 3, written by Jeph Loeb and the artworks were greatly done by the super stars Joe Madureira (pencils) and Christian Lichtner (digital paints). I thought their collaboration was awesome! Jeph Loeb is the current writer of many Marvel and DC series and also written episodes of Smallville. He wrote the series with a lot of twists and mysteries and there I also learned that the dinosaurs in Savage Land was not made by Magneto but by his daughter Wanda (Scarlet Witch) after being outraged by James Logan(Wolverine) when he stabbed Pietro(Quicksilver), her brother to the chest using his super-sharp Adamantium claws! Loeb really made the history of Savage Land in this series, how Eric Lensherr (Magneto) got there, established his kingdom and etc.

The Ultimates 3 Issue 5 Tripple-Spread Front and Back Cover

The series not only contain very nice story but it also gave a lot of visual impact through the works of the super-star tandem of Joe Madureira and Christian Lichtner. JoeMad has developed his works ever since he left Marvel in late 90’s and pursued his dream in game-character development and designs. I remember his works before when I bought several issues of X-men, Uncanny X-men back in 90’s and even before I thought his arts we’re awesome (I haven’t seen his Battlechasers series before and after surfing the net and saw the arts it also gave me thrills)! After years of disappearance in the comics industry he made a ground-breaking comeback after doing the Ultimates 3, a 5-issue-series! His art has enormously developed and made me pee in my pants (kidding)! The visual presentation of the comic book series has added my interest to completely collect the run because also of the extreme digital paint talent of The Lightner (Christian Lichtner as JoeMad preferred calling him)! Chris is one of the “Liquid” team who gave great colouring works before in several comic titles.
In addition to the issues that I have completed, I also got a limited edition black and white variant copy of issue 1. It was the last stock when I found it in the shelf and immediately grabbed it before anyone gets it first! The variant black and white has two cover designs to choose, the heroes and the villains. I got the villains one since it was the only one left. This is issue is pure awesome! Because it is pure JoeMade pencil works!

The Ultimates 3 Issue 1 [Black and White Variant] Tripple-Spread Front and Back Cover

How I wish JoeMad would do another series in Marvel.
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The most nerd-tastic YouTube video ever

12:15 PM
This one comes from a journal I have read on my DeviantArt account and I can't help but to be amazed by it. I would like to share this to you guys!

It’s an acapella medley of John Williams movie themes — Jurassic Park, Jaws, Raiders of the Lost Ark, et al — with lyrics devoted solely to Star Wars. Plus, it involves a mean Mark Hamill imitation.

SOURCE: http://blog.newsarama.com/2008/11/07/the-most-nerd-tastic-youtube-video-ever/
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Michael Turner Tribute Book

11:00 AM
Hey guys! ASPEN MLT, INC. A comics company founded by the great Michael Turner has released a tribute book for him. It featurs a huge compilation of writers, creators and artists throughout the comic book industry and beyond.

"Following the passing of Aspen founder and more importantly—friend on June 27th, 2008, Aspen decided to pay tribute to Turner and the legacy he leaves behind with this very special memoriam."

Entire list of contributors to the A Tribute To Michael Turner Issue:

Agnes Garbowska
Ale Garza
Alex Garner
Alex Konat
Alex Ross
Alex Sinclair
Andy Smith
Beth Sotelo
Billy TanBrad Meltzer
Billy Tucci
Brandon Peterson
CB Cebulski
Chris Moreno
Christina Strain
Dan DiDio
David Finch
Dan Fraga
David Wohl
Dene Mason
Don Ho
Eddie Berganza
Eddie Nunez
Eduardo Francisco
Eric Basaldua
Francisco Herrera
Francis Manapul
Frank Mastromauro
Gary Frank
Geoff Johns
Grace Crick
Greg Pak
Humberto Ramos
Jason Eden
Jason Rubin
Jeph Loeb
J. Scott Campbell
Jim Lee
Jim McLauchlin
Joe Benitez
Joe Madureira (my idol)
Joe Quesada
Joel Gomez
John Starr
Josh Reed
JD Smith
JJ Kirby
J.T. Krul
Leonardo Olea
Lori Hanson
Marc Andreyko
Marc Silvestri
Marcus To
Mark Roslan
Megan Fox
Micah Gunnell
Michael Birkhofer
Michael Gaydos
Oliver Nome
Paul Jenkins
Peter Steigerwald
Randy Green
Richard Isanove
Richard Starkings
Rob Liefeld
Sam Campos
Sana Takeda
Simone Bianchi
Simone Peruzzi
Stephen Platt
Siya Oum
Talent Caldwell
Tim Townsend
Vince Hernandez

I wish I could get one copy of this AMAZING TRIBUTE BOOK/COMPILATION.
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How to find us at KOMIKON 2008

11:01 AM
To all fellas who will be attending KOMIKON 2008, you can find us(CINDO STUDIOS) on the floor plan below. Click the image below for larger view.

Our comics is still in production stage, I'm getting skinny already for sleeping late for weeks trying to finish our project the soonest. I will be posting our product by next week. I pray for the success of it. Good luck to all artists who will be joining the 4th KOMIKON 2008 at UP BAHAY NG ALUMNI, see you there guys! God bless!
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