Lon Chaney trial pages

10:23 PM
First seven (7) pages of the project I am currently working with (these are just trial pages).

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God of Thunder

11:47 PM
Finished a pinup drawing for my friend a while ago and thought of posting it here after putting it to different sites. Here it is guys.

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The Dreamkeeper, I am.

3:32 AM

I haven't posted any blogs telling about me for a while and I think it's time for you guys to be updated.

Two weeks ago I resigned from my office job after deciding to focus on my long time passion, draw comics. That was two days before Holy Week. I became resident artist of my friend who just put up an art studio. I then started to build our website and made samples for prospected international clients. That was the busiest and luckiest Holy Week of my life, so far, since I am fortunate enough to be blessed for an offering to tryout for one of a known international comics publications and a got a project for a known indie publication in Canada.

I am also thankful to be included to the book RENAISSANCE: Ang Muling Pagsilang (Facebook page), a charity book for Ondoy and Pepeng typhoon victims which became one of the National Bookstore's Top Sellers (#7, so far). I was so happy seeing my drawing inside a book full of Filipino local and international SUPERSTARS and that includes, Carlo Pagulayan, Philip Tan, Whilce Portacio, Gerry Alanguilan, my idol Leinil Francis Yu and many more! The original arts in the book are now being auctioned (www.sketchpadmanila.com/renaissanceauction).

I never thought I'd go this far after I left my teaching profession in John B. Lacson Foundation Maritime University. God really answers my prayers. After years of sufferings, problems, traumas, heartaches and depressions, He gave me more than I ever wanted. I am also thankful to my family whose supports me a lot and also to Ivy, my love, my treasure, thank you so much hon. I love you so much! I want to thank also my friend Mr. Danny Acuna, who is main the reason to where I am today, thank you also to sirs Rico Rival, Ernie Patricio, Jun Lofamia, Orvy Jundis, Clem Rivera. My Sketch Pad Studios friends Ernest Hernandez, Heubert Khan Michael, Ruben Nacion, thank so much you guys! To my former boss Mr. Rod Rodriguez, sir, maraming salamat po sa lahat. :)

I know there are showers of blessings for me ahead and prepared or not, I should be very happy! Welcome dream! You are now in my reality!

PS: We will be at the UP SUMMER KOMIKON today, see you guys!
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