Hangin' out with Komiks Legends!

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Last Sunday, April 27, 2008 I went out with the “Komiks” Legends!

Last week, Mr. Danny Acuña texted me to phone him to his home at Pasig City, that afternoon I called him, when someone picked up the phone I immediately asked for him and the woman on the other line told me that he was resting and asked my name. I told her who I am and also said that Mr. Acuña was expecting my call that day, she then called (or woke, I guess) sir Danny up. After a while, a man with a younger-than-his-age voice talked on the other line and we started our conversation. He told me that he wants me to come with him together with other “artists” to a birthday in Binangonan, Rizal, and told me to reserve my schedule only for him that day. Of course! For a young artist like me, who would reject that kind of opportunity to be with a veteran “Komik” artist?!

Sunday morning, I am a 30-minute-early on our meeting place. After about 15 minutes sir Danny called me telling that they are about to depart home and he can’t believe that I was already in the meeting place, waiting! After about 15-20 minutes a maroon Nissan Vannet parked in a distance and sir Danny called me again and said that they are inside vannet. I rushed to the van and get inside, there are 3 persons inside the van, the driver (who happens to be his son), sir Danny sitting at the front passenger seat (beside the driver) and guess who is sitting next to my me? Mr.
Jun Lofamia! Whoa! First I don’t recognize him and I think I don’t know him at all (until I saw his works on the net and realize that his works are ones that I am admiring since I started searching for classic Komiks works)! We had a long conversation on our way to the next persons who will also be with us to Binangonan. The next stop is in Antipolo where we entered in a subdivision and stepped out of the car together with sir Danny and sir Jun to fetch these mystery couples to me. When sir Danny approached the gate he called the name “Orvy” and the couple went out to the house, packed and ready to come with us. When we get into the van, sir Danny introduced me to his other artist/writer friend and his wife. Oh! It’s Orvy Jundis and his wife lu-lu! Wow! I am hanging with the Legends of Philippine Komiks!

When we arrived to sir Danny’s friend Ed Sajelan (also an artist), in Binangonan, he welcomed us very gladly and we rested for just a couple of minutes and started eating. There are lots of menus to choose on top of the table. While we are consuming what is prepared for us, we continue our conversation that has been paused on the road. After hours of talking-while-eating session we move to a small Mr. Sajelan’s nippa hut beside his house. There, we continued talking and talking. Wow, that is a very great moment, there, I learned that Mr. Lofamia was one of the animators of Anastasia and Bartok the Magnificent (all are productions of Fox). He was also worked with fellow legend
Alex Niño in Vampirella comic. Mr. Jundis also was an artist and shifted his focus to writings. He writes in an art magazine in the U.S. before and featured many Filipino artists there like Ruben Aquino (Beauty and the Beast) and many more. He also told me that he once known Joe Kubert (whoa!) and many legendary artists.

It was a very informative and exciting talk for me. After our great conversations, Mr. Sajelan toured us to the unfinished subdivision (where Nene Tamayo of Pinoy Big Brother and Ivette of Sexbomb dancers also live). We went to the upper portion of the land and overlooked the mountains which he plans to conduct on-the-spot painting with us. Sir Danny also took pictures of us using his expensive camera and told us to give copies when the shots are developed.

That was a very fortunate day for me! I conversed with the known Komiks legends! Mr. Jundis is a very great guy, he tells almost everything when I ask him about Komiks and Comics. Mr. Lofamia is also a brilliant person, together with sir Danny and kuya Ed Sajelan! I know I’ll be with them for many times to come and I’m looking forward for those moments!
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Hi! Thank you for visiting my page, this is the first time i made a blog for myself.

Keep in touch because i will be updating my page everytime im free with my workloads.

I am currently into 3D animation. My boss has recently enrolled me in 3D animation class because of some reasons. I will keep this page posted with my recent works, and update you guys with my on going projects.

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