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Hi guys! Been busy these past few months until now but I think my blog is already crowded with spider webs. That is why I want to take an ample amount of time just to put a bit of update on the things that I did previously.

Well, I guess I’ll just put some major events that I have attended and to start with, last September 10th, Mr. Danny Acuña told me to come with them together with Mr. Orvy Jundis to attend the Cultural Centre of the Philippines’ Gawad Parangal Para sa Sining and of course, I gladly confirmed my participation. It was a rainy Wednesday afternoon when I arrived at Ever Gotesco Ortigas (our meeting place) to wait for Mr. Jundis since he will be coming from Antipolo, he rented a taxi to carry us all the way to CCP. And after 2 hours of standing and waiting, finally he arrived, wearing t-shirt, short pants, baseball cap and a pair of sandals. I was like, Hey! Aren’t we going to a prestigious awards night? Why is he wearing such?! It was a very traffic afternoon and he told me that aside of being caught in traffic they also departed late from his house in Antipolo and because of endless rain he decided to wrap his suit in plastic bags and get dressed inside the taxi. We then directly went to Mr. Acuña’s place where he also waited hours and kept on texting me if we are on our way to pick him up. Mr. Jundis then grabbed his “baon” and went inside Mr. Acuña’s compound and dressed up. We left there about 4:30, it was a very gloomy and rainy afternoon, aside to that, the traffic was very heavy and I was thinking if we get to the venue on-time since the program will start at 5:30. Then the worst part of the trip came when we caught up in traffic at Buendia! We arrived late at the theatre and the program was already starting.

Although that was not quite a good trip for us, we enjoyed the event and we caught up the awarding to Francisco Coching which is the main purpose of our attendance for the first place. The event was star-studied because aside from the awardees and their proxy’s presence, there are also showbiz personalities performed such as Ryan Cayabyab, Jed Madella, Hayden Kho, The Binibining Pilipinas winners and many more. And the emcees are John Arcilla and Susan Africa.

After the awarding Mr. Acuña introduced me to his fellow Legendary Komik artist, they were Al Cabral, Perry Cruz, Abe Ocampo, Ding Abubot and Nar Castro. It was a very great moment to be with them again, attending a national event. We went home past midnight.hehe

To know who the awardees were, please visit


It was also a very rainy 24th of September when the launching event of the 2nd Animahenasyon was held in Eastwood City in Libis, Quezon City. I think I was the very first supporter/guest/artist who arrived in the venue very, very early. I was there about 9:00 in the morning and the program will start at 1:00 o’clock later in the afternoon. What I did was seated down the aisle and watched the workers and organizers do their preparation for the launch. At about past 12:00 noon-time, I saw Miss Laisa Gonzales of ACPI walked in the scene and helped the preparation. I was hesitant to greet her since I didn’t know if she still remembers me. She then moved to a table in front of a restaurant a few metres away from the venue and talked to a certain man with a yellow polo. I then walked trying to went by there place and smiled at her, and she smile at me. Hey! She still remembers me! I went near her and we shook hands, she was like “Kamusta na Jann? Ang aga mo naman yata? May entry ka ba sa contest?”, that was the first thing that came to my mind before I went near her, I knew she was going to ask me if I submitted an entry for the contest. But I still haven’t finished my contest piece yet! Damn that 3D! I still can’t get a grasp on the software yet! Well, the deadline will be on Oct. 8 and I don’t still have the motivation to sit seriously on the project. I just told her “Sana makaabot ma’am.hehe”. She then introduced me to the man sitting in-front of us, and says “Jann si sir Peter director ng IASIAS? That is Interactive Art Services, Inc.! I know that company! It was mentioned by Myke Guisinga on his blog before when Jonas Diego left the company. And I found out that Mr. Peter Tan Carillo, the new IAS studio director, is the one who replaced Jonas Diego. Ok, there was certain controversy involved in this topic and I don’t want to dig it further (see Myke Guisinga’s Blog if you really want some info about it).

Anyways, when the program started, it was great. There were guys from Guhit Pinoy, Top Peg, Wacom, Take One Animation, TOEI Animation, Cutting-Edge Animation, Mowel Fund Institute and many more. Some of them demonstrated Digital 2D In-betweening, some made it in traditional way, others conducted free henna and face tattoos, the guys from American Technologies that brought the Wacom tablet there let the audiences burst their creative talents by letting them draw using the tablets and their laptops, and of course, I tried it also! There are so many more fun activities to enjoy, there are also claymation making which demonstrated by Mr. Ricky Orellana and animated through snapshots by Edwin Guillermo, Animahenasyon’s Claymation Guru.

I also chatted with the ACPI Vice President Nestor Palabrica who happens to be my father’s former school mate and good friend. He told me that he visited Iloilo previously and met his fellow alumni together with my father. When he went back to Manila, my tatay accompanied him to the airport. Mr. Palabrica told me that they had a long conversation with my father.

Before the grand launching program started, there was a small catering on the nearby restaurant. Me and Edwin Guillermo lined-up there and got some foods for our starving stomachs (we knew that the catering is for the official members of ACPI only and we are not). After consuming plates of deliciously served foods, we headed back to the central plaza nearby where the program is located when we passed by with the Cutting-Edge Owner and “Dayo” producer, who is also a musician, Jessie Lasaten sitting with “Dayo” director Robert Quilao. I then told Edwin “Oi! Sila yung guys from Dayo!”, and he said to me “Papicture tayo”. He approached Mr. Quilao and asked for a snap shot, the “Dayo” guys then posed with Edwin and I took them a picture and after that I asked a take also.

When we got to the Central Plaza, we saw another food fest! And as expected, we lined-up again for some more foods. While the people were busy with their snacks, the main program started. We seated down and watched while drinking our free canned beers. Few people spoke on the stage such as Ms Grace Dimaranan (ACPI President), Mr. Ricky Orellana (Animahenasyon 2007 Principal Director), Ms Avic Ilagan (ACPI Executive Director), Hero Bautista (spoke in behalf of Vice Mayor Herbert Bautista), and many more. They also showed the winning entries of last year’s Animahenasyon. The event was also covered by HERO TV, ABS-CBN, DZAS 702khz, DWIZ, Magic 89.9, UNTV, FM Radio Stations and Mergermarket (online web).

After the program, I stood up and slowly walked through the main way where the registration table is located when I saw ma’am Grace Dimaranan and smiled at her. She then smiled back and excitingly called me to come over and asked me if I have an entry for the contest. I said “Hindi ko pa alam ma’am kung aabot.hehe nasa kalagitnaan pa lang po ako ng process eh.” She jokingly blew her hand in the air, in front of me like she was slapping my face. “Magpasa ka ng entry!” she said, I answered her “Tingnan ko po kung makakaabot ako kasi October 8 na po ang deadline eh”, “Oo nga no? Malapit na” she replied. We talked for a while.

After the short conversation, I asked the volunteers for Animahenasyon II poster and took off.
That was a very tiring and gratifying day and I expect to see them again this coming November 12 to 16 at the CCP. And I hope I can finish my entry before it’s too late...


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34th Manila Film Fest Animation Entry!

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Hi guys! Please support the upcoming full-length animated feature Film that will blast off this 25th of December! The “First Fully-Digital Animated movie of the Philippines”, all Filipino made, entitled “DAYO” a production of Cutting-Edge Studio owned by infamous musician Jessie Lasaten. This is a groundbreaking animation that uses modern digital technology (paperless animation).

Dayo combines paperless 2-D and 3-D technologies in presenting a fantasy film ripe with figures from Pinoy mythology. It tells the story of an 11-year-old kid named Bubuy (voiced by Star Circle Grand Kid Questor Nash Aguas) out to save his grandparents, who have been abducted into Elementalia, a fantasy land with strange flora and fauna.

At Elementalia, Bubuy meets Anna Manananggirl (voiced by Katrina Legaspi), a hyperactive teener with a special affection for all things human–but not of the tummy-filling kind. Their adventure takes them from massive falls teeming with gravity-defying merfolk to crystal caves housing swarms of alitubi; and from a grand old tree, home to a motherly kapre, to a majestic mountain guarded by a pack of hungry aswang.

Directed by Robert Quilao, Dayo also features the voice talents of Laurice Guillen, Peque Gallaga, Nova Villa, Noel Trinidad, Pokwang, and Michael V. Gerard Salonga does the film score, with Lea Salonga performing the theme.”


Entry to the 34th Metro Manila Film Festival, a funny and exciting animated adventure that will surely satisfy the appetite of Filipino audiences! Bring the entire family and support the growing original-content animation industry of the Philippines!

Visit “Dayo” Official Website and watch the teaser!
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